It just wouldn't be the holidays if we didn't post a picture like this, right?
Well, everyone, Thanksgiving weekend has wrapped up, and the holiday season is in full swing. We can't thank you enough! Our new merch was a big success. We're trying VERY hard to get copies of Mega64 Time Travelers as fast as possible. We're hearing that even our Gamer Warz DVD might be on the verge of selling out as well. We really can't believe it! Since the weekend's over, regrettably, we must end the Backyard Messiahz poster print offer. Don't be bummed- We still have a ton of awesome prizes ready to secretly toss out! However, we currently still have more art cards to give with DVDs, and plan to continue that until they run out (we'll let you know when that is!). Feel free to continue ordering DVDs from our store, and get one of these eight collectible prizes for the time being. Jump on Gamer Warz while you still have the chance! Stay locked onto today- We've got a new podcast coming up, some other video stuff down the road, and finally some pics and thoughts from last week's Gamedays event!  

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