Hey guys- Once again, we want to thank everyone who ordered merch from our online store this past week. It has been insane. We have been working on merchandise stuff around the clock all week- There's just been SO MANY orders! In fact, the limited merch system that we have (We're still just a few dudes in a warehouse, with Garrett slaving around the clock on this) was hit way, way harder than expected. As you know, our Time Travelers DVD was gone within hours (We are still moving fast to have more of these soon). As of this writing, we have now also removed the Gamer Warz DVD from our store. It's looking to be entirely sold out. We're gonna double check on that this week to see if there's any copies remaining, but as it stands we just don't want to risk selling copies we don't have. We also got rocked on orders on our shirts- mostly the new "Brotaku" design. In fact, this item particularly was more backordered than we thought. We normally tell people to allow a couple weeks for our items to get to them (Even though it's normally much, much faster than that). However, with this onslaught of merch, we must remind everyone to be patient if it takes longer. Hopefully it shouldn't though- we've already seen tons of people getting their stuff. But if we have any doubt that your order will reach you before Christmas, you'll get an email from us soon. Currently, size Medium is taken down completely. You're free to order other sizes, but know that they might take a little while! Anything you order right now might be a little backlogged, and we won't guarantee anything for Christmas anymore (though your odds are still pretty good, honestly). Again, we have to thank you guys so much for ordering all this stuff, and we hope you really like it. We'll be adding even more cool stuff to the store soon... Check back for updates on that. In the meantime, yes, there WILL be a Mega64 Podcast LIVE tonight at 7PM! Be sure to tune in for it!

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