Yonder we march- to the NORTH! Mega64 is coming to several events up north from our home in sunny Southern California... We'll be going to Crunchyroll Expo in Santa Clara! It'll be Garrett, Kevin, and Rocco (Or do I say 'me?' I never know which person to write these things in). We'll be there the whole weekend doing signings, some panels, and a booth that will have a limited amount of merchandise ripe for the taking! Stay tuned for more info on this killer event!

But the next one- y'all already know. Of COURSE we're going to PAX West in Seattle! Why wouldn't we? This'll be our 10th anniversary doing this awesome convention and we couldn't be more excited. The whole gang is coming and we've got some incredible exclusives in tow. We'll have more info and surprises for you later, but in the meantime, we just wanted to tell you that we'll be at Booth 7016 all weekend long, and our panel "MEGA64 PANEL OF THE WILD MODEST TEST OF STRENGTH" will be on Sunday night at 7:30 in the Sphinx Theater. Don't miss it!

And speaking of other things you can't miss... we have some great new (and returning) merchandise coming THIS FRIDAY!

Supplies will be limited so be sure to get these classics FAST! 

We'll leave you with a new little nugget you may have missed- HEARTSLAYERS! This is a new show/podcast over on our Archives channel about relationships! Hosted by Derrick and Meg, this show will debut bi-weekly on our Patreon first, and later be released to the public. It's a little more serious than our usual fare, so check it out and see what you think.


Be sure to come back later this week- we have a brand new video coming your way very soon!

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