Hey, Rocco here- I just thought I'd let you guys know that all my photos from Tokyo Game Show (and other assorted Japanese hot spots) are up in the gallery. You can click here to check 'em all out on Flickr. It took me all morning to caption all 300+ photos. So, you know, like... read those. As you may have read on Newgrounds the other day, I collected a ton of free swag from Tokyo Game Show, and laboriously transported it back to the US for the sole reason of sharing it with every one of you. Let's just say that if you like collecting bizarre Japanese promotional items... this may be a good time to order something from our online store. Just saying. Things have been so busy for me since I got back from my trip. We're juggling so many little secret things right now that I barely have time to sleep, much less play every effing game I wanted to play in 2008 being released all practically at the same time oh my godddddd. And to make things even more brutal, while I was gone my brother somehow managed to snag a copy of Little Big Planet for me before the recall happened. From what little I've played, I think the game is super endearing and a lot of neat, cute fun (I happen to like neat, cute fun, okay). I feel like the art director behind the game could use a serious raise, it's pretty amazing. I wish I had time to like, you know, play it. We'll be back in the next few days with some new videos, and maybe a surprise or two. Our hardcore fans (and some newbies alike) will like what's on the way. See you then!

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