Faith in humanity restored! This week, a terminally ill young man announced that his dying wish was to see the Deadpool movie before it came out. Watch what happens when a charity gets involved to make it happen in our new and important new video, "The Deadpool Movie!"

But that's not the only major generosity of the day! We also have a brand new Mega64 Podcast! Actually, we weren't going to do one at all (we didn't do a live recording on Sunday because our studio was torn up for various production reasons), but we decided something was better than nothing. So we went different in a big way... we traveled to the SUPER BOWL! Watch the Mega64 Podcast Episode 382 and prepare to be blown away! Audio version here, but trust us- you don't want it

Don't forget to return this Friday to pick up a "HAX" poster and the newly returned Cute Boys tee! As always, thanks for supporting Mega64!

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