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Posted on March 20, 2019 by rocco

For us California boys, going to the east coast in the winter is always a big deal. So we're always pumped up and full of courage (as much as we can muster, anyway) when it's time for PAX East in Boston! We're going back this year and stronger than ever. We have a booth the entire weekend (#22017) on the show floor, plus the Mega64 panel is on Saturday night at 8PM in Albatross Theater- don't miss it!

As for what we're gonna have at our booth- well, the whole gang will be there with bells (and scarves) on, but we also have a great lineup of classic & rare Mega64 merch, on top of some of our best new items ever! Check it out below:







We hope to see you in Boston! 

Mega64 Podcast 519: So Scary You'll Barf

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Mega64 Podcast 518: Kevin Smith May Cry V

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