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Posted on May 30, 2020 by rocco

First off- let's get this out of the way once again- we have a new website on the way, so pardon some broken features and out of date stuff (we promise we've done new videos since that Judgment one at the top- ugh). But let's not focus on that stuff- let's focus on the positive and turn our eyes towards MEGA64 DAY 2020! It's coming up this Thursday, June 4th! We're gonna start streaming at noon pacific over on our Twitch page (new and classic videos, PS5 presentation commentary, and even more fun activities all day long) - and that's also when a bunch of merchandise exclusives will go live! What new stuff will we have in stock on Mega64 Day? Check out what we revealed earlier this week:










Lots of awesome stuff- on Twitch, on our store, on Patreon and on YouTube! We're hitting all the spots on Mega64 Day. Hope you see you with us when all of it begins at 12PM Pacific on Thursday 6/4/2020!

Mega64antine #10: HBO Maxed Out

Posted on May 30, 2020 by shawn

A lot more stuff is opening back up- but Disney's adding Stormtroopers to their shopping malls? Does that make it fun for kids or is it a little tone deaf? And is it too early ... Read More

Mega64 Podcast #569 - Rocco of The Na'vi Made Another Food Worker Mad

Posted on May 26, 2020 by shawn

In this episode, Rocco gives a Na'vi blessing to keep the podcast pure. Cool! We celebrate the 10th anniversary of Lost ending, and rage about the anniversary of Game of Thron ... Read More