Agent Smith Goes To Washington

<div><img src="" alt="" width="500" height="307" /> <p align="justify">This is a skit we made for public access years and years ago, so yeah, it sucks, but it's fun for nostalgia purposes.</p> <p align="justify">Agent Smith Goes To Washington, a pardoy fusion of "The Matrix" and Jimmy Stewart flick "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington," was a bit originally scheduled to air on public access in the Mega64 episode "The Gangs Returned To Class and Became Honor Students." It not only didn't air, but it didn't make it onto the Version 1 DVD either. The reasons behind its disappearance were:</p> <p align="justify">-We couldn't get the rights to the music -It didn't have anythiing to do with video games -Lord knows there are enough Matrix parodies out there. -Lord knows not enough people know what "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" is.</p> <p align="justify">The one segment of this video that did actually make it into Mega64's first season was an outtake from the scene where Smith jumps up onto a balcony. To make the effect work, Rocco jumped backwards off the balcony, and the clip would be later run in reverse. However, Rocco was unaware of the distance of the fall, and attempted to land with legs unbent, only to be met with serious pain.</p> <p align="justify">For geek humor, an agent vs. paperboy car chase, and Rocco with a telephone cable wedged in his ear, check out "Agent Smith Goes To Washington."</p> <a href="">download here</a> </div>