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Posted on August 24, 2016 by rocco

As the summer descends to a close, it's time for Mega64 to ascend... to the north! We're flying up to Washington for yet another PAX West in Seattle- September 2-5! We'll be there all weekend at Booth #7106 on the top floor. We also have a panel on Friday of the show- "MEGA64 VR TECH DEMO PINKEYE TREATMENT PANEL" at 3:30PM in the Sasquatch Theater (which is in the Sheraton next door!). It's gonna be another great show and you won't wanna miss it.

And then a mere week or two later, we will have a booth (#503) at Long Beach Comic Con in... Long Beach! September 17 and 18!

As for what we'll have at our booth, you can count on us to bring our whole usual assortment of Mega64 merch. But in addition, we'll be bringing some old and new rare items, most of all including...

The Mega64 Fall 2016 Con Exclusive Poster! Art by Nina Matsumoto. This rare 11x17" print will be made available at PAX West 2016, Long Beach Comic Con 2016, and Mega64 Gamedays 2016.

But on top of that, we'll have all kinds of new and returning exclusive gems, such as...

The Con Exclusive EXPERIMENT ELITE Shirt. Artwork by Mariel Cartwright. This convention exclusive item will be available at PAX West 2016, Long Beach Comic Con 2016, and Gamedays 2016.

At long last, we will also FINALLY have a reprint of the Mega64 EXPERIMENT Sweatshirt. This limited run will be at PAX West 2017 with the remaining supply sold online and at Long Beach Comic Con.

The Mega64 CON EXCLUSIVE BLU-RAY 2017 EDITION. As we do every year, this is a Blu-ray disc we ONLY sell at conventions. This year, it features countless Mega64 classic videos from the past year in High Definition and lossless audio. But that's not all... this year, the Feature Presentation is a full length masterpiece, thought to be lost to the ages, discovered on a long lost VHS tape deep within the Mega64 Archives. That's right... "LORD OF THE RINGS PART 4." Yeah. It's that good. Available at PAX West, Long Beach Comic Con, and Mega64 Gamedays.

The New Mega64 Snapback. Rapidly sold out on our website, this hat will make another triumphant return -first- to PAX. All remaining stock will be sold online and at Long Beach Comic Con.


We will also be bringing a limited supply of Mega64 Time DVD (2015 Edition) DVD sets. This unfoldable, art-filled 2 disc set was printed one time in late 2015 with limited stock saved for some cons. Will be available at PAX West, Long Beach Comic Con, and Mega64 Gamedays!

...And there will be much, much more too! Well known stuff AND surprises. You don't wanna miss it.

And as we mentioned in a few of these items... Mega64 Gamedays is still coming! November 5 and 6 2016! Get your tickets now if you haven't had the chance. We're announcing guests soon and they will SWIFTLY sell out after that point...

Hope to see you at these events later this year!




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