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Posted on June 29, 2015 by rocco

First thing's first- Last night, during our live podcast stream, we activated the official Mega64 Gamedays 2015 page. That's right- our annual Mega64 event around Disneyland is inching ever closer... And now, you can visit the official page and buy tickets to our Day 1 event! We also put our official hotel block of rooms on sale. Get on them before they're gone. We should also tell you that you get a link to discounted Disneyland tickets (for day 2 of Gamedays weekend) if you buy a ticket to our Day 1 event. If you're only attending Disneyland, there are plenty of offers out there, but Disney is only letting us offer it to full weekend attendees. We hope you can join us for this AWESOME weekend in November!

Now, let's get to slightly angrier news. Nintendo MUST BE STOPPED. They are releasing a WEIRD AND DIFFERENT Metroid game and WE ADULT GROWN MEN want it stopped. Watch our new video below to see our all out assault on this digital travesty!!!!

And in additional rage, we have released our statement to the disgusting men of ScrewAttack. They have challenged us to a gaming competition again. We will be at SGC in Texas from July 17-19 to once again retaliate and destroy this organization for the final time. Watch our statement below.

We want to end on a slight correction- our panel at Anime Expo this weekend (July 4th) is actually going to be at 3:15PM, not 3:30 as reported before. Plan accordingly! And don't forget to read all the info we released last week on what we're planning for the con.

We'll see you at Anime Expo!

Royce's Choices! Podcast 356

Posted on June 26, 2015 by royce

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Posted on June 23, 2015 by shawn

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