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Mega64 Podcast 549 - The Mr. Rogers Book of Records

Posted on December 10, 2019 by shawn

Hello!!!! Ready for the next podcast? Great! In this episode: Derrick is back from his Vacay! We fondly remember the Rock Band franchise and talk about the coolest world records that Guinness is to scared to give out. We also discuss the best movies of the year so far, and who's pumped for next weeks Christmascast?!?! Watch to find out! Click here for the audio version!

That's all for now! See you next week for the Christmascast!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mega64 Podcast 548 - The Irishman Is Too Short

Posted on December 3, 2019 by shawn

I Hello everyone, welcome to our cyber realm! In this episode: On this Cyber Monday Cast we talk about our new Death Stranding video and the reaction to it. Nude Beaches, 6th ... Read More


Posted on November 29, 2019 by rocco

HERE IT IS!! Black Friday 2019 is here and all our deals are live (well... except for what's going up on Cyber Monday!). Here's a recap of everything that went up. Some of it ... Read More