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Royce's Choices! Podcast 367, Poorly Played Stream 152 & More!

Posted on October 9, 2015 by royce

Mega64 was back with a Live Podcast this past Sunday in which they talked about seeing The Martian, and Shawn did his own spoof of that film. They also read people's submissions of what the grossest things they've seen, and even took a call by caller J who had a story of his ownYou can watch this After Show in the After Show Archive.
Garrett was back with his 152nd Poorly Played Stream in which he was joined by Jacquelin, Rocco and Kevin to play the new Rock Band 4! Unfortunately, due to copyrighted material, none of the Choices from this stream are on the Mega64Podcast Channel, but you can watch a COMPLETE PLAYLIST of all the songs that they played here. You can watch this full stream in the Poorly Played Archives. Streams are on every Wednesday at 7PM Pacific on, and be sure to follow Garrett on Twitter and Facebook along with Mega64 on Twitter to know when he'll be starting.
Last night Rocco came on for an impromptu Rock Band 4 Stream in which you can check out it's entirety in the Miscellaneous Archives. The most notable song that Rocco played that night was Fireflies by Owl City!
As always, you can watch all of the Royce's Choices on the Mega64Podcast Channel!

One quick reminder before I go: the Wizard Shirt and a very limited quantity of the Snapback Hats will be on sale at 10AM Pacific.

Other than that, all of you have a great weekend and take care!


Posted on October 6, 2015 by shawn

Hey guys, we are back with another groundbreaking podcast. In this episode: We try to figure out what the grossest thing we have ever seen (Spoiler: It wasn't The Martian whic ... Read More

Royce's Choices! Podcast 366, Poorly Played Stream 151 & More!

Posted on October 2, 2015 by royce

 Derrick's Birthday Special! Mega64 was back this past Sunday with a new Joker Update concerning Jared Leto being locked away for after the Suicide Squad movie is released. ... Read More