EDIT: Hey guys, Rocco here. We were really upset about certain Black Friday items being gone before people could even hit "Checkout." We suffered through trying to get an NES Classic last week, so needless to say we're bummed the same thing happened to us. We were heavily stocked and ready- demand just blew past anything we expected. We can't do anything about Mystery Shirts being gone, and some of the exclusives are retired and will not be printed again. However, we are going to open preorders for more Experiment Elite shirts and Masked Man shirts. These preorders will be open from now until Cyber Monday, and then they will be ended. The Experiment Elite shirt will not be offered online again. Both these shirts will be printed in 3-4 weeks, give or take (we can't guarantee by Christmas) and we also can't guarantee they will have Mystery Posters included (since those are while supplies last). Also, if you order anything else in the same cart as these preorders, the whole order won't ship until the preorders are fulfilled. If all of that is cool with you, then preorder away! We hope this is at least a decent attempt at making things right with you guys. THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting Mega64 and hanging with us on Black Friday!


It's a massacre, but BLACK FRIDAY 2016 is finally here! We streamed late tonight and brought you the countdown to all our new items going up. And then... blam! It was like a digital store brawl. Everyone fought and battled... and many items sold out. We are so sorry it happened as quick as it did. We were not lacking in volume at all- we stocked heavy for this Black Friday and we were STILL blown out of the water! Anyway, we really apologize if you weren't able to get everything you wanted. However, the good news is that many of our best items ARE still in stock! Check out the list below or head on over to the Black Friday section of our store to cut loose! Also, don't forget you get a free Mystery Poster with every apparel or poster order today!


MEGA64 ONCE UPON A TIME IS ON SALE! This Blu-ray set is a must have if you've enjoyed any of Mega64's stuff in the past few years. Two full Blu-ray discs of past videos in beautiful HD with lossless audio, commentary on everything, TONS of extras and stuff you've never seen or heard... this thing has it all! We will announce the full contents of this set in the coming days, but needless to say, you won't be disappointed. ON SALE NOW!


"Mega64 Once Upon A Time" Day 1 Bundle, with the Blu-ray and poster and exclusive shirt. Shirt is printed in metallic ink and will ONLY be available in this bundle, not separately. This bundle will only be offered Black Friday weekend 2016. Poster is also be sold separately.


The new Mega64 Teeth Snapback (Purple Version). Art by Daniel Dussault and Jason Cryer. ON SALE NOW! 


The "Masked Man" shirt.  Artwork by Andrew Douglas and Jason Cryer. THIS ITEM IS SOLD OUT.


The Mega64 x Kickapoo shirt! The first ever crossover between Mega64 and their favorite sweet nectar of a drink. ON SALE NOW!

The Mega64 Neon Elite shirt. For ONE DAY ONLY, this con-exclusive variant shirt will be on sale online due to overwhelming longtime demand. This is your only shot at getting this online before we retire it from conventions. Artwork by Jason Cryer. ON SALE NOW!


The Experiment Elite shirt.  Artwork by Mariel Cartwright. THIS ITEM IS SOLD OUT.


The Mega64 "Haunted" Poster. Artwork by Nina Matsumoto. THIS ITEM IS SOLD OUT.


The "Mega64 Time!" 2 Disc DVD Set (2015 re-release edition). LIMITED COPIES ON SALE NOW!


There's also discounts on the Toon shirt, the Team 64 shirt, and the Cute Boys shirt! Don't miss out- go to the online store and get stuff NOW!

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