dUnbelievable. Mega64 is coming back to PAX East in Boston, March 10-12th. While the common man may think this is just another convention... THINK AGAIN! We're bringing some of our best stuff EVER to this show. We'll be at Booth #22021 all weekend long... culminating in the "MEGA64 PANEL HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR" on Sunday at 4:30PM in the Albatross Theater! We're closing out the entire convention with a panel full of bizarre unseen videos and other insanity! You don't want to miss it.

But at our booth, we'll have some of the best merchandise and exclusives we've EVER offered. First off, we'll have the usual hits- the Masked Man shirt, Experiment Sweatshirts, you name it... all the stuff you usually love from us. But we'll be reviving AND debuting some amazing stuff on top of all that. We revealed them all on our Twitter today, and now we'd like to compile it all here!

We should let you know that this is the final convention that we will be offering our Con Exclusive Blu Ray 2017 Edition- the very disc that contains the legendary LORD OF THE RINGS PART IV. Yeah, it's that good. Don't pass up this opportunity. Get one at the show.

The other item that we have lined up as a convention exclusive is a really great one- two classic characters' very first poster print.



The Todd & Aaron poster will be EXCLUSIVE to PAX East 2017. The rest of these items will be sold for the first time ever at PAX East. If there's any leftover, they will make their way online... but if past years are any indication, your safest bet is to get it from PAX ASAP.





These incredible items will be in short supply, so get 'em fast. In addition, we'll be reviving two long lost classics:


Those items are long sought after, and we are happy to give them one more day in the sun. 

And of course, on top of all that stuff, we'll have plenty of great items we aren't even telling you about! So be sure to stop by the booth and say hi to the gang- we'll be happy to see ya!

Be sure to come back later this week... we have some great video fun to share with you! You won't want to miss it!

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