This week, we did a video called "What Is Prey?" This game came out that we thought had some interesting concepts... but nobody we knew had played it or even knew it was out. It was kind of a weird juxtaposition- but weird just happens to be our specialty! For strange alien mimickry and total destruction, watch our "What Is Prey? video below!

Then to follow that up, we put up a behind-the-scenes video. See some great improvised moments and even more unfortunate wreckage.

And last but not least... yesterday we put our long awaited Neuro shirt on sale, alongside the sale of a stash of Original Mega64 Snapback Hats we had left from a previous preorder run.


 The sale happened... but regrettably, we have to tell you that the Neuro shirt is already gone! It lasted mere minutes... this awesome shirt featuring art by Mariel Cartwright is definitely a hot item! Stay tuned for more news on the future of this item and how we'll try to make it available again. The good news is that we still have a few Snapback Hats left if you never got one... hop over to our online store and grab one if you can!

Be sure to come back this Sunday for a new Mega64 Podcast LIVE!

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