Boy, have we got something to sell you!

For all those hunting down those dang SNES Classics... you may want to slow down a bit. Maybe you should wait for a WII U CLASSIC instead? Listen to a handsome salesman's pitch in the video below!

Well, as for real world actual products... we thought you should know that this Friday, around 10:30AM PST, we'll finally be adding some long awaited products to our online store! Straight from our summer convention stock, we'll be putting the PSYCHADELIC 64 shirt online for the first time, as well as the return of the NEURO shirt.

We've also made an announcement regarding our Patreon- for the first time, we've revealed the awesome new stuff that'll be going out in our upcoming gift package! 

We've never offered such high quality products in our gift package before- it's a great time to jump in and start funding! 

Come back and see us this Sunday night at 6PM pacific for a brand new Mega64 Podcast LIVE! FINALLY!

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