What a week it has been at Mega64! Lots of goodness oozing out of every orifice (not the best choice of words, but we're sticking with it).

First up- a brand new video that might even be considered a documentary. There's a vicious cycle happening in the country's biggest game retailer... and it ain't pretty. See the grueling system take form in the new video, "The Circle of Life." Warning: mass amounts of Funko Pops.


Next up- today we just put up remaining stock of our new "HAX 2.0" poster!

This rare print was a PAX South 2017 exclusive, but just like last year, still caused a bit of confusion at the show... so we're selling the remaining stock right here. It'll only be up for a little bit, so grab one while you can!

We also put up- for a short time- Mystery Posters! For a low, low price, we are clearing out some old posters, blindbox-style. You won't know what you got til you order! But there's some definite gems, trust us...

Last but not least, we finally dug into the vault and made the Buckwheat Groats show (from Gamedays 2016) available to the public on our Archives channel. This is a show not to be missed. Protect your valuables, grab some McDonald's and hit play...


That's all for now- be sure to tune in here for our Mega64 Podcast LIVE on Sunday night at 6PM Pacific! See y'all there!

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