As the heat wave builds to its yearly crescendo in San Diego, we once again find ourselves boarding Wings Over Washington, right into the heart of the much-breezier Seattle for PAX! We're gonna be there again this year, all weekend long (August 30-September 2) at Booth #5213 (That's up on the top floor, floor 6!). We'll also be having a rad-ass bad-ass panel as usual: "MEGA64 FUNNYPUNK 2077" is on Friday night, August 30, at 7:30PM in Raven Theater (That's over in the Regency hotel).

But what stuff are we bringing to our booth? Well first of all, we're bringing all the latest stuff you've asked us for, including all the summer con exclusives! We've also thrown in a couple brand new items as well! Check 'em out below!










Pretty good lineup, huh? Well we'll also bring a bunch of other stuff... maybe some secret items? Like our Con Exclusive 2019 poster... well I guess that's not really a secret anymore. Hm. Well, there'll be others anyway.

Can't wait to see all y'all in Seattle!

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