This has been a crazy month over at our YouTube channel and on Twitch! We had a ChristmasCast, a new God of War video, and a whole lotta stuff in between... and to come! But for now, we wanted to focus on what's to come in the new year!

First of all, we'll be at PAX South in San Antonio, Texas on January 18-20! We'll be having a booth there (#10077) with all our new stuff, and more... plus, we're planning to do a meetup after hours! Stay tuned to our Twitter for updates on when it's all going down. Come to see us!

But even before that, we've got some rad new stuff coming to our online store! On January 1st, we have a brand new item coming that we've never made before!

Isn't that rad?! The board goes on sale at midnight (pacific) when New Years' hits. But that's not all- a couple classic items are returning!


Be sure to hop on when the New Year drops and get yours before they vanish again!

You may also want to check out what's new on our Patreon. There's big new items that you can get in the next gift package... cutoff is on the 31st!

We'll see you in the new year for more MEGA64!

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