The release of the Mega64 Once Upon A Time Blu Ray collection is so close! The many of you who preordered it will be experiencing it soon, but for the rest of you, the set goes on sale November 25, 2016! This two-disc Blu Ray set is packed with Mega64's latest skits and oddities, and we thought it was about time to spill what was actually hidden within. The set contains our work from 2014-2015 and features all your favorite videos from the era, AND new stuff, in stunning High Definition with lossless audio, plus an additional disc of our commercial works and extra features for no extra cost! It's all inside a slick Blu Ray case with reversible artwork. Here is the full list of what you can find in Mega64 Once Upon A Time...


  • Tummy Ache!
  • Once Upon A Time Part 1 (NEW!)
  • Papers, Please!
  • Sytefreek Returns!
  • Early Access With Beta Man!
  • Cosplayerz Tryalz of Tyme!
  • Ice Bucket Challenge!
  • Second Person Shooters!
  • Destiny's Story Explained!
  • The Game Crypt: Social Issues Special!
  • Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer Leak!
  • Todd & Aaron's Game Awards 2014!
  • Real Life Speedrun (IRLDQ)!
  • Swat Or Not?!
  • P.T.!
  • Cancel Metroid Federation Force Immediately!
  • Comic Con Is Hell!
  • Ignaxio's Ultimate Star Warz Fan Guide!
  • Metal Gear Solid 5 Spoof!
  • When You Gotta Pokemon Go, You Gotta Pokemon Go!
  • Friday The 13th The Game The Movie!
  • Breaking News!
  • World's Biggest Star Wars Fan!
  • Once Upon A Time Part 2! (NEW!)
  • Genital Mutilation Prank!
  • The Six Year Prank!
  • Todd & Aaron's Game Awards 2015!


  • Kutaragi's Way!
  • Once Upon A Time Part 3! (NEW!)
  • Mega64 Infiltrates Nintendo!
  • Message To ScrewAttack 2014!
  • America's Craziest Gangs!
  • ScrewAttack Cheats Mega64?!
  • Dragonball Z Live Action Trailer!
  • World's Biggest Gauntlet Fan!
  • How Razer Cortex Saved The World!
  • D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die!
  • Sakaguchi's Final Fantasy!
  • Nintendo E3 2015!
  • World's Greatest Vampire Hunter!
  • Final Message To ScrewAttack!
  • DBZ: The Frieza Saga in Five Minutes!
  • Mega64 Vs. ScrewAttack Grand Finale!
  • Once Upon A Time Part 4! (NEW!)


  • The Bobby Brown Tapes Volume 4!
  • Kountdown To Kutaragi - The infamous behind the scenes documentary showing every step of creating an action video for a legend!
  • Kutaragi Unkut - Even more raw, uncut behind the scenes footage from the set of Kutaragi's Way! (NEW!)
  • Kutaragi Klean - Watch a clean, crisp, HD early cut of the Kutaragi's Way video! (UNSEEN!)
  • Real Murder Caught On Tape - America's Craziest Gangs Outtakes! (NEW!)
  • DBZ Drive Thru (Behind The Scenes)!
  • Gauntlet Behind The Scenes!
  • Gamedays 2014 Promo!
  • Force Awakens Trailer Leak Behind The Scenes!
  • Return Of The Mopetarians! (NEW!) 
  • Year In Review 2014!
  • Real Life Speedrun Behind The Scenes!
  • D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die Tokyo Game Show Alternate Cut! (UNRELEASED!) - A short alternate cut of the D4 video made for Access Games' Tokyo Game Show presentation!
  • D4 Behind The Scenes (NEW!)
  • Making The Sakaguchi Video!
  • Swat Or Not Outtakes!
  • Iga: Filming With A Master!
  • Mega64 Video Graveyard! (RARE!) - The Mega64 boys host a special in which they dissect the grisly remains of two abandoned video projects!
  • Frieza Saga Behind The Scenes!
  • Drone Crash (Friday The 13th The Game The Movie Behind The Scenes)!
  • Friday The 13th The Game The Movie - Clean Version (UNSEEN!)
  • Genital Mutilation Prank Behind The Scenes!

And again, all of that is in this set in the most beautiful HD quality you've ever seen them... along with probably a secret or two. Don't miss this legendary Blu Ray set when it goes on sale Black Friday, November 25th!

And on that note, don't forget to review the list of what's gonna go up on sale for that day. We have some additional things to add to that list as well- in addition to putting up Mystery Shirts, we will also be adding a Mystery Sweatshirt category. For a cheap price, get a blindboxed sweatshirt or hoodie... you won't know what it is until you open it! There will also be a few random sold-out items coming back in (limited) stock that we won't even announce ahead of time! All of it will be on sale right at midnight pacific time on Thursday night/Friday morning.

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