Welcome to 2018! Here at Mega64, we're still slowly crawling out of our holiday-break cocoons. But we're ready to emerge like the beautiful butterflies we are and bring you a whole fresh new year of stuff. 

But let's address a few hanging threads from last year first- namely, the merchandise preorders we put up after Black Friday 2017. Most of them have shipped, or are shipping, this week! We appreciate your patience and know you're gonna love your stuff. However- we encountered a small problem with the Electric Shirts we got back. There was an aspect of their coloring that wasn't quite perfect, and we were disappointed with the quality control in the final product. We are looking into fixing them now. So, unfortunately, if your preorders included the Electric shirt, you will have to wait a little longer than expected. However, we will include a bonus prize (on top of the prize you were already getting with your order) as a thank you for waiting. It may be a rare limited edition foil card, or sticker, or something else. Just a little thank you for letting us get this right.

Now, to the future- we will have some very fun stuff coming in the next week or so. Not only some fun streams, but a couple neat announcements too. If you haven't gotten in on the Mega64 Patreon, now would be a good time- we'll be debuting some exclusive stuff and the upcoming new gift package too.

Stay tuned for a lot more fun- and if you're in Texas, come stop by our PAX South booth!

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