What a week! We can't shout it out any louder- no really, we can't, because we've max upgraded our Shouts. That's right, Mega64 returns with some new videos this week, kicking things off with the new SKYRIM video! You will know the power of the almighty shout once you see it... Watch below and feel the power.

In addition to that heavy hitter, this week brings the arrival of MEGA64 GAMEDAYS! The event we've been looking forward to all year long is finally this weekend. Of course, the day 1 event has been sold out a while now, but don't forget we'll be at DISNEYLAND on Sunday, November 6! This is the last couple days you can get discount park tickets, so hop on over to our Gamedays page to order some at our special link. You can also peep the schedules for both days on there. It's gonna be such a blast. We thought we would throw out a few notes and nuggets of info on the day there!

First of all- doors are gonna open at 10AM on Saturday. You can immediately get your badge and look at the booths. Not only will you get some free stuff for attending, there'll be a few tables for guests like, Mariel Cartwright and Tyson Hesse, Kickapoo, and more... but of course, we will have our own Mega64 merch booth! We'll be bringing a bunch of rare items- many of which we haven't sold in a while... or at all! In fact, one of the items we will have available is a new shirt we've never shown before, which may be connected to another big project we're working on...

Anyway, we'll also be bringing our Fall 2016 exclusive poster print to our booth at the show!

Be sure to pick up one of those in addition to whatever other merch you want. We'll have plenty of Virtual Thrill shirts too (the official shirt of Gamedays 2016)! 

It will also be your next opportunity to get the con exclusive Experiment Elite shirt!

Don't miss your chance to pick one of those up! Con Exclusive Blu Rays too!

Speaking of exclusives, our good friends at Kickapoo will also be bringing an exclusive shirt at their own booth!

This Kickapoo x Mega64 crossover tee will be available exclusively at their booth at Gamedays 2016! Be sure to pick one up, since it'll only be available that day!

There'll be plenty more surprises where that came from at the show. But let's talk real quick about Sunday at Disneyland.

We'll all be there to hang with everyone all day, but usually it wraps up in the evening time. However, in past years, some people have enjoyed hanging out later and trading "Vinylmation" figures (you might have seen this on the roccobotte YouTube channel). Well, in any case, this year there's a brand new series of them out just in time for Gamedays- however, this year they've been kinda hard to find within Disneyland park itself. So if you're interested in joining in on trading, this year we'd recommend you buy them ahead of time and bring them into the park on Sunday. The series we're gonna trade this year is the "Park Starz (Series 4)." You can find them at the "D Street" store in Downtown Disney (no admission required to go there) and Off The Page in California Adventure (which you would need a ticket to get to). Here's a picture of what they look like on the shelf:

So yeah, if you plan to hang and trade, get on those if you can!

That should just about do it for now! As always, check the Gamedays page for any info you may need. Can't wait to see you all this weekend! 

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