It's been relatively quiet here in 2018 so far... but only becayse of the storm a-brewin' over the horizon. That's right, Mega64 has been behind the scenes making some awesome moves for 2018. We're still at it, but last week we decided to throw up a little teaser to let you all know that we were still alive. A couple quick peeks at some stuff too. Check it out!

While we have you here, did you know that this past week we've resurrected a ton of classic designs in our online store? Not only did we bring back the 18 shirt and the Have A Nice Day Shirt last week, but this weekend we revived, at long last, the Electric Shirt and Experiment Sweatshirt. 


The Electric Shirt is going fast, but as for the Experiment Sweatshirt... these are really just the leftovers from a preorder we did recently. We have no future plans to print more, meaning this is likely your last chance to get one. Don't miss this classic item.

Stay tuned for more fun stuff this week at Mega64!

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