For the first (and last) time ever, we are selling one of our Con Exclusive Blu Ray discs online. A tradition for the past 12 years- we have always had a "con exclusive" disc at mostly every convention we exhibit at. They would always contain a selection of our best videos in the highest quality possible, along with some exclusive content you couldn't find online. However, due to many production factors, we are no longer able to make Con Exclusive discs like this- so we're selling off the last of them here! This Con Exclusive Blu Ray contains a selection of our best videos from the past year in STUNNING High Definition with lossless audio. It also contains the exclusive, never before released mindblower: LORD OF THE RINGS PART IV. This will completely redefine the modern epic and is worth every penny of this incredible collector's item. Do not miss your chance to get this disc- when it's gone, it's gone for good.

We should also tell you real quick- we also put up some Archive Hoodies for sale that were left over from our last preorder run. No plans to re-print this anytime soon so I'd jump on this as well if you want one!

We won't be doing a Mega64 Podcast LIVE this weekend- we'll be with our fathers on their holy day. But we'll leave you with this keynote we streamed on our Twitch channel today. It reveals new items and events to come from Mega64. We know we don't talk about any new video stuff, but rest assured we've been working on awesome stuff! Watch below and have a great weekend! 

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