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Wait, you didn't line up 7 hours for exclusive Boss Fish merchandise at Mega64 Expo? Well, lucky for you we have a shirt saved for you. This is a 64 Hour Special; up for pre-order for 64 hours and then gone. This item is a preorder- will ship 3 or 4 weeks after your order, give or take. Other items in the same order won't ship until this does. Just FYI.
Boss Fish Shirt (64 Hour Special)
The official shirt of Mega64's new second weekly show, coming to you during this trying time. This item was a 64 Hour Special, but beloved enough to become part of the full time roster. Comes on a black NextLevel tee and qualifies your order for a secret mystery prize!
Mega64antine Shirt
The energy of Mega64 can barely be contained in one of our slickest shirt designs ever, on a soft black NextLevel tee. Qualifies your order for a SECRET MYSTERY PRIZE!
Rainbow Elite Shirt
One of the most recognizable symbols in the Mega64 iconography, this chrome-finished 1" enamel pin will let the world know where you align. You've seen this icon across apparel and digital space- it's time to own it in its most dazzling form.
Rainbow64 Pin
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