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The LAST thing you want to see pull up at the park. This is a 64 Hour Special; up for pre-order for 64 hours and then gone. This item is a preorder- will ship around 4 weeks after your order, give or take. Other items in the same order won't ship until this does. Just FYI!
Death Rides Shirt (64 Hour Special)
Celebrating the 131st anniversary of a most futuristic food. Black Friday Exclusive. Qualifies your order for a secret mystery prize!
Pizzatron (Long Sleeve)
We'd love to tell you what's so amazing about this incredible shirt- but we legally can't. It's on a black NextLevel tee. Qualifies your order for a SECRET MYSTERY PRIZE!
Redacted Shirt
Drink some water. Be happy. And you'll never be happier than drinking from the 64 Water Bottle, a Hydro Flask style vacuum-insulated stainless steel metal container designed to keep your water cold for hours and hours. It's double walled, sweat-proof, and comes with a BPA-free straw lid too. You just can't get a better drink anywhere else. 32oz., Hand Wash Only (Dishwasher use can compromise the insulation). Compatible with other Hydro Flask lids.
Voltage Bottle
None, please. This relatable design is now available as a mainstay design in our store and comes on a black NextLevel tee. Qualifies your order for a secret mystery prize!
No Negative Comments Shirt
The scariest collaboration of a lifetime has finally rose from the grave. Mega64 has teamed up with Killer Pumpkins, their longtime booth neighbor at San Diego Comic Con, to create a truly once-in-a-deathtime art piece, printed 11x15" on a premium cardstock-style paper.
Mega64 x Killer Pumpkins Poster Print
The perfect accessory to hold candy, broken consoles, or body parts. A Mega64 Interactive Hell Festival 2020 Exclusive.
Gameface Lives Tote Bag
In this time, more than ever, delivery is key. All packages, mental or material, must be transported at all costs. And thankfully, this short sleeve variant on a NextLevel midnight navy tee can comfortably protect you along the journey.
TRANSPORT Short Sleeve Variant
Raise your hands to the screen and give us that energy. This is a 64 Hour Special; up for pre-order for 64 hours and then gone. This is overstock from a past run and is first come, first serve.
Feel The Power Shirt (64 Hour Special)
A new collaboration with KIKKUJO/Joyce- a 2-sided shirt, taking a virtual trip to the event that never happened. A celebration of nothing on a soft cream colored shirt.
A new summer design by Mariel Kinuko Cartwright designed to sweep you away to a better place. Created for the summer cons that never came. Comes on a turquoise NextLevel tee- Qualifies your order for a secret mystery prize!
Mega64 Summer Shirt
One of the most iconic visuals in the Mega64 style lexicon is the NEURO design by Mariel Kinuko Cartwright- and that character is now available in an entirely new, collectible new form. The NEURO Acrylic Stand Figure will make any desk or shelf immediately more interesting.
NEURO Acrylic Stand Figure
Beware the power of the Mega64. Nothing conveys the danger better than this 1.5" enamel pin in glossy dark metals.
Voltage Pin
Behind the eyes lay a sinister technology. A new art piece by @angimoto on a NextLevel black tee. Qualifies your order for a secret mystery prize!
What's Inside Shirt
Celebrating the international affection for a SUPER GAME AWARDS show beloved the world over. An event exclusive. Qualifies your order for a secret mystery prize!
Brotaku Elite Shirt
A shirt of miracles and magic- a piece given to us by Oliver McCabe originally for Mega64 Day 2020.
Kinder 64 Shirt
The official shirt of Mega64's new second weekly show, coming to you during this trying time. This item was a 64 Hour Special, but beloved enough to become part of the full time roster. Comes on a black NextLevel tee and qualifies your order for a secret mystery prize!
Mega64antine Shirt
We present one a brand new skate deck featuring the show-stopping artwork of Mariel Kinuko Cartwright. Board size is 7.75. Mellow.
Mega64 x Kinuko Skate Deck
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