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From the cancelled franchise reboot. This item is a preorder- will ship about 4-6 weeks after your order, give or take. Other items in the same order won't ship until this does. Just FYI.
Goonies Grandkids Shirt (64 Hour Special)
Mega64 is going on their first ever full live tour! What could possibly go wrong? Join along with the Mega64 crew as they travel across the east coast for the first time ever, hitting the landmarks and eating at all the gnarly gas stations. Oh, and playing a bunch of insane live shows too! This ultimate physical edition made possible by Limited Run Games contains both the full Mega64 Last Laugh live show, PLUS a full documentary covering their journey along the tour. It also contains bonus commentary, extra rare footage, and much more! Packaging includes reversible cover. This Blu Ray set is Region Free.
Mega64 Last Laugh: The Official Tour Movie Blu Ray
We always get the last laugh. Everyone will know you will too once you wear this 1.5" enamel pin in glossy metals.
Mega64 Last Laugh Logo Pin
Representing the peak of tension and the clenching of certain orifices. This black long sleeve will prepare you for the toughest of wooden block trials. Qualifies your order for a secret mystery prize!
TOWER Long Sleeve
Speak the dark speech and prepare to unleash your power. This double-sided NextLevel black tee will let everyone know when the true sorcerers have entered the room. Qualifies your order for a secret mystery prize! This is stock from a past event, first come first serve.
Spellcaster Shirt
You may transcribe your spells into the written word within this bound 8.5x5.5" 96 page notebook, featuring dotted pages perfect for artwork or writing. Use your powers wisely. This item is leftover stock from a past event, first come first serve!
Spellcaster Notebook
The official shirt of the Mega64 movie, Version 4.1! This is a 64 Hour Special; up for pre-order for 64 hours and then gone for good. Comes down Wednesday night! This item is leftover stock from a past run, first come first serve.
V4.1 Shirt
The long awaited movie that continues the original Mega64 saga! Where are our beloved experiment subjects almost a decade after we've last seen them? Find out in this thrilling new movie, produced here in a physical edition by our friends at Limited Run Games! This ultimate edition contains the movie with commentary, exclusive behind the scenes documentary, an archive of public game experiments from the past decade with commentary and MORE! Packaging also includes reversible cover. This Blu Ray set is Region Free.
Mega64 Version 4.1 Revengurrection Ultimate Edition Blu Ray
I'm gonna make everyone go away forever- and I'll prove it with this crayon drawing I did for some reason. This shirt, on a white NextLevel tee, is a Black Friday exclusive featuring art by an actual real child. It qualifies your order for a secret mystery prize!
Second Unit Shirt
A reconfiguration and reimagining of one of our all time favorite designs in an all new black pullover form. Black Friday exclusive. Qualifies your order for a secret mystery prize!
NEON REDUX Pullover Hoodie
The new face of the 64th dimension. Qualifies your order for a secret mystery prize!
Impossible64 Shirt
The perfect fuzzy winter blanket for those who wish to stay warm, whether it's during gaming or ski dancing! This deluxe item is a Black Friday exclusive!
California Gamist Winter Blanket
An all new 4x6" pack of fun stickers to properly decorate your world in the most emotional way. This second collection celebrates the latest chapter in our "...In 5 Minutes" video series, and seeks to find self-worth in a world torn apart by monsters and lack of parental affection.
Mega64 Sticker Set 2
MEGA64 SOUND ONLY the new comedy album from MEGA64 featuring deep cut tracks from our videos, live streams, skits and more. See images for track listing. Features reversible "Half Dome Bangers" cover that was unapproved and unwelcome. Contains 1 red vinyl record, collectible print and digital download code.
Mega64 Sound Only Vinyl
One of the most iconic visuals in the Mega64 style lexicon is the NEURO design by Mariel Kinuko Cartwright- and that character is now available in an entirely new, collectible new form. The NEURO Acrylic Stand Figure will make any desk or shelf immediately more interesting.
NEURO Acrylic Stand Figure
The first of its kind in our collection, the 64 Sunglasses are the coolest way to cover your eyes from the sun's dreaded rays. These wood-textured, stylish polarized shades come with a spectacular quality bamboo case. You'll never want to go outside without them.
64 Sunglasses (Original Ver.)
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