Can you believe it's already that time of year?! BLACK FRIDAY 2018 weekend is about to arrive... just a week from now! We thought we would take a moment to go over all of the items coming to our online store on that fateful day of shopping... but don't forget, there's Cyber Monday too! And we have some heavy hitter items coming for that!

All our deals for Black Friday weekend start on Friday, November 23rd and go through Cyber Monday (November 26).

Your first stop, however, should be this monumental Black Friday 2018 Keynote, recorded live at the Mega64 Auditorium in Cupertino. 

And now, here's a closer look at all our new items to come on Black Friday, November 23...









What a wonderful Black Friday lineup, no? Well, we're bringing some thunder for Cyber Monday too! Whereas Friday's wares are more wearable... we're doing some more unusual stuff for this most virtual day!




The 15th Anniversary Soundtrack is our BIG item of the weekend. Did you see the trailer? It's an incredible set and we're doing a very limited run, so make sure you get your orders in.

On top of all this other stuff, we felt we should tell you... we're bringing back MYSTERY SHIRTS! A blindboxed shirt from Mega64's past for a very low price. These always go right away on Black Friday, so you'll want to hit these quick. We're also gonna be doing 10% off ALL media (DVD/Blu-ray/Whatever) on Black Friday only.

Regarding the free Mega64 poster with every apparel & poster order... if you only order apparel, it will be folded. If you want the poster unfolded, buy another poster and we'll throw it all in a tube!

Be sure to join us for our Black Friday weekend celebration, starting the night of Thanksgiving... we'll be sure to live stream the countdown until launch!

Well, with all that out of the way, let's take a moment to recognize how wonderful Gamedays 2018 was this past weekend. Day 1 was an absolutely fantastic show, and Day 2 at Disneyland was one of our biggest crowds yet. We even had ProZD and Jirard The Completionist join us at the park. It was really a trip. We can't thank everyone enough for having such a positive celebration with us. Check out the full-res castle photo below!

And not only that... look how many people actually made it to the end of the day, late at night and whatnot!

What a midnight crew, eh? Once again, we're staggered by how many people came out from all around the world and across the map just to have fun with us here. It's been 15 years of doing Mega64, and we are truly, truly honored that so many people continue this journey with us. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being there and giving us this gift. We are very lucky to have such a group of totally awesome people to call our friends.

We're going to Sabakon in Vegas this weekend- will we see you there? There won't be a live podcast this weekend, but we'll record one at the show and bring it to you on Tuesday. We'll have a new video for you even sooner. Because that's what we do- work hard to entertain you, as we have for almost two decades. What a thing to be able to say.