It's another beautiful summer here in San Diego... so it wouldn't be logical to lock ourselves in the editing room OR leave San Diego completely. Would it? Well when has Mega64 ever been logical?

Just this week we put out a brand new video, featuring a very special guest- Toshihiro Nagoshi, the creator of amazing franchises like Yakuza, Judgment, and... even Super Monkey Ball! We're huge fans of his stuff so this was a really killer opportunity. The new vid is connected to Judgment's release this past week- we're loving the game and stoked we got to do the video. Check it out!

This past week we also did our first live comedy show in LA (Mega64 LAST LAUGH). It went awesome and the audience was so great! We're gonna do a second show on Sunday- tickets are still available if you wanna go. This one's venue is way bigger and the whole presentation should be way crazier. Hope to see you this weekend!

As for beyond that... we're heading straight into Anime Expo in Los Angeles, and RTX in Austin! They're happening at the same time (July 4-7), so how can we possibly do both? Well, we'll be splitting up! Rocco and Garrett will be at Anime Expo, and Derrick, Shawn, Kevin, and Meg will be at RTX. Our panel at Anime Expo, "Mega64 Panel Full Length Movie Is Now Canon" is on Friday July 5th at 8:30PM in LP2 (at the JW Marriott). Our panel at RTX, "Mega64 Panel For Tesla Discussion And Airline Problem Analysis" will be Friday, July 5 at 5PM in Room 6. No matter what area of the country you're in, we hope to see you at one of these!

At both events, we'll have a huge booth full of stuff. Lots of new and classic items... maybe even some surprises (always ask if there's something you don't see!). 


As for new stuff, we've got a ton of incredible new items... including socks, which we've never done before! Check out all the new stuff!








What an incredible lineup! Some great stuff from some of our favorite artists. Be sure to stop by any of our booths (We have a much bigger one at AX this year) and pick this stuff up!

We'll also tell you now that we'll be at San Diego Comic Con later in July... which shouldn't be a surprise (Our 15th year? I think?). Look for more info on that later!

See you this summer!