10th anniversary blu ray

Some people know it, many don’t. But Mega64 started as a public access TV series- a half hour show back in 2003, which was later continued across multiple seasons on DVD for the first 7+ years of our existence (We call them Mega64 Version 1, 2, and 3). That’s right- we may be one of the only internet groups to have a huge amount of content that was only available on physical media. Part of that, initially, was because of the difficulty in getting high quality long form content on the internet back at that time… but artistically, we also really loved the way we could present it in physical media, with tons of extras. It was also kind of fun to have a “secret show” away from the clutches of the internet. So, we clung to this as long as we could… the thing that changed, however, was… the world around us! It got harder to make this physical media (all our partners in manufacturing closed down) and a lot of people demanded to see the show digitally. We thought that was a good idea- but we had to find the right way to do it… especially since there is SO much content from that era.

We think we’ve found the best way to release these episodes and the onslaughts of extras that come with them. We’re going to release the entire archive digitally through our Patreon. There will be a special tier where you’ll have access to the episodes and tons of extra stuff connected to them… even more beyond what was ever on any physical media we released. There will also be new extras made in connection to this stuff, leading up to the eventual release of the latest chapter, Version 4.1: Revengurrection!

This is a long term project, but we’re trying to expedite this plan as much as we can due to the current lockdown situation happening around the world. We know you need fun stuff to watch, and we’re gonna try to get it to you as fast as we can. Stay tuned for more updates on this project soon!

Now, some of you will still want the physical media- specifically, the Blu-ray box set we produced some years ago (Mega64 10th Anniversary Blu-ray Collection, containing Version 1,2, and 3 in HD). We’ve struggled in getting more copies of this produced, for reasons logistically, legally, and otherwise. But the important thing is, we combed over our studio in recent weeks, dug into old boxes and archives, and tried to assemble as many remaining copies as we could for those who still want them now!

We rounded up a full box of Mega64 10th Anniversary Blu-ray collections, as well as a full box of the original run of Mega64 Version 2 on DVD! We were surprised to find any of these at all, but we wanted to make them available as soon as possible for everyone stuck at home. All remaining copies of these titles will go on sale at our online store on Tuesday, March 24th at 10:30AM Pacific. Be on them quick- there’s not many. The Mega64 Version 1 Special Edition DVD is still in stock in our online store if you want that too.

Now, we should note: When revisiting all these episodes and media from that era to try to bring them to new formats, we came across other challenges- things we couldn’t legally include anymore, stuff we were asked to remove, etc. So while the episodes will mostly be the same digitally, there MIGHT be a few tweaks we had to make. We’re hoping it’s mostly unnoticeable stuff, but if this kind of thing matters to you, be sure to order the physical copies once they’re all up on Tuesday.

When Version 4.1 comes out, that will be made available digitally and free to everyone. We still plan to do a physical release for that too. As always, we will keep you updated.

Stay tuned for more news on our Patreon stuff and see you Tuesday for the sale. We hope everyone is doing okay during all of this lame isolation- if you’ve never visited the world of our “secret show,” then I hope we can bring it to your home as soon as possible and make you feel a little bit better. See you soon.

(P.S. Sorry our website looks a little janky and out of date right now- new website is coming soon. Going a little slowly, y’know, due to the world sucking right now. But we’re gonna get through this, just like we always have.)