Now that we're back in the swing of things and home from PAX in Boston, we thought we'd give you a fresh update on the status of our new merchandise that people have preordered! The big items that we put up for preorder recently were the Decay long sleeve shirt, the Dimension scarf, the Dream hoodie and the Nightmare shirt!

The Decay shirts were finished in production, but weren't exactly what we showed online when they were finished. We just weren't happy with that, and since we want the best quality product for you guys, we elected to try again. A brand new round of shirts is being made right now as we speak to get it just right. To make up for the wait, we're gonna be upgrading your secret prize included in the shirt. We always want to make it right with you guys- we know once you're wearing this terrifying long sleeved wonder, you'll know it was worth the wait.

If you ordered the Dimension scarf, those are shipping any minute now! Easy!

As announced before, the Dream hoodie and Nightmare shirts were both PAX items- we had some stock for PAX already planned, but the preorders were done to accomodate everyone not attending the con afterwards. Those are still in production now as planned. Due to the absolutely mindblowing amount of preorders we received, please allow some extra time for these to be completed. 

We thank you as always for checking out Mega64 stuff- your support (and your endlessly fashionable style) is appreciated the world over. Stay tuned for more updates!