It’s a new day, a new week, on the threshold of a new season… and thus, with the winds of change coming ever closer, we felt it was time for an update on what’s going on with Mega64.

Over the coming weeks, we are going to be sprinting (hopefully) one last time towards finishing the actual production of Version 4.1 (Revengurrection), our feature project. It has been a looming presence over our heads for a long time… too long, in fact. There were many unfortunate and unplanned circumstances keeping us locked in stasis on this, and it has really hurt us. But we’ve also taken the time to work on other productions as well, which doesn’t exactly speed that up either. So in the ensuing weeks, we’re going to focus solely on this one project and get the main production done and on to more post-production.

So what can you expect in the meantime? A mix of all kinds of crazy stuff coming to our main channel- more new Flame War Theater episodes are on the way, along with HD Remastered classic Mega64 videos from our past that have never been on our main channel before. We might even have some new animations and other surprises in the mix as well. And obviously, if production allows us the time, we’ll try to get some new videos on top of all that.

Members of our Patreon will also be getting more bonus video content soon too!

We have some other productions in the works, waiting in the wings behind all this (we gave a sneak preview at a couple events), and it has all been the result of your support, both here and on our Patreon. While Version 4.1 was a major goal of ours with the latter, we have constantly put your funding towards our more ambitious goals with production and much more. There’s more really cool stuff coming down the pipeline thanks to you.

Stay tuned and as always, thanks for being here with us at Mega64!