Over the recent months at Mega64, we've put out a lot more ambitious items than we've ever had! But we know a lot of those items were preorders, and their status has been up in the air for a while. So we thought we would list 'em out and let you know where these items are at!

  • At the beginning of the year, we opened preorders for both our Flight Jacket and 64 Sunglasses. We couldn't be more proud of both of these stylish items- but... we've been trying to get an answer on where these are at, since it's been a while. Well, they're being manufactured overseas, and we've discovered that the coronavirus stuff has slowed all of this to a crawl. We're being told that we should expect both these items in mid to late March. We're sorry this took so long- we're super bummed, our plan was to have these before PAX East so we could bring them there too, but there's nothing we can do about this. We will ship them out the MOMENT we get them.
  • The Mega64 Begins VHS/USB combo turned out great with lots of great material from a very special time. But the USB drives have been affected by the virus stuff as well. We don't know yet if it's to the level that the other stuff was affected, but regardless we're expecting these in March as well.
  • The Chroma Sweatshirts and Joggers are on track- we're getting them next week or so and will start shipping the preorders as soon as we can. They'll be at PAX East too.
  • Other 64 Hour Specials and shirts are on track as usual.

Now, as for Patreon related stuff...

  • After taking WAY too long to make (both our fault and the fault of poor/slow manufacturing), our Flame War Theater Blu-rays are in! FINALLY! We're gonna be signing some programs and then will be shipping this gift package shortly!
  • The package after that, the Podcast package, was hit with two unfortunate incidents... the USB-overseas-corona-outbreak-Last-Of-Us situation, but also... a fire that burned down one of the nation's biggest suppliers of vinyl record materal (Is this getting ridiculous at this point or what?). We're also waiting to hear if the included enamel pin will be affected by this delay as well. In any case, we're expecting these next month like that other stuff.
  • We'll have another gift package for those who have stayed on our Patreon shipping shortly after that.

That's all for now- thanks for being patient with us (we ALWAYS appreciate it) and we'll keep you updated!